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If you're looking to download The Midnight Station Pay What You Want Version, please find it here

Between 2pm GMT on Christmas Eve 2014 and 2pm on december 27th, 2014, for just 72 hours, The Midnight Station: Seasonal Edition was available for 'purchase' for the first time.

This limited edition, seasonal version of the game included modified sprites for the NPCs, the base attack, item and special pickups and the player, Humanity; as well as both modified and additional lines of dialogue littered throughout the game.

Furthermore, Savage Gardens is turned into an endless winter forest and a permanent snowfall is in effect everywhere in the game.

We hope those of you who supported us financially during this period of time will enjoy playing this somehow even more surreal experience as much as we enjoyed making it.

  • Key Features:
    • Up to 8 hours of gameplay
    • Multiple endings
    • Weapons and Equips to allow for multiple playstyles
    • Beat mysterious enemies or simply find another way, the choice is yours!
    • Thousands of lines of dialogue
    • Surreal world with strange, interesting and unsettling inhabitants
    • RPG content provides an expansive exploration based experience
    • More interested in fighting your way through? Go for it! Combat allows for total customisation
    • Visual effects and art direction inspired heavily by the ZX Spectrum
    • Custom soundtrack and sound design
    • Replayability! Post-game content available

    Countless secrets, including:
    • Over 14 potential boss fights
    • Brains in jars!
    • Mystical bathrooms
    • Customisable stat system and a huge array of unique and substantially varied equips
    • Cutting edge 'borderless mode' for an all new HIGH OCTANE EXPERIENCE
    • REALLY COOL MANUAL (Which you should 100% read)

  • Note on the Seasonal Edition:
    • Saves are NOT compatible across versions. You -will- need to start afresh if you've played previously on a different version. Your saves for both versions will exist simultaneously
    • Changes are primarily cosmetic and intended largely for new players who were already planning on supporting us over the holidays, who also want a unique seasonal experience
    • Only available for the Christmas period!
    • Hats! Hats for everyone!
    • Additional lines of dialogue
    • More surreal situations than humanity has room for
AuthorStudio Anjin


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