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Explore an uncharted world in this bizarre hybrid of Galaga and Minesweeper! Find treasures, upgrade your equipment and try to uncover the riddle behind Calibal’s Curse! Everyone’s stuff is missing!


Arrow Keys - Move C - Swap Weapon, or randomly generate seed on title screen X - Search Adjacent Tiles (friendly tiles adjacent or ontop of you will show as green numbers, enemy tiles will show up as red)

Try to upgrade your equipment, find the boss and fight them to progress!


Phew, this was a huge crunch to get this to a playable state. I BELIEVE this should run without any hitches or issues, but I definitely had to work incredibly hard and certain assets couldn’t be finished properly (for example, the intro cutscene is missing music).

It’s been a LONG time since I submitted something solo for Ludum Dare. I tend to try and aim to build as complete a game package as possible. So far, this runs without any bugs, and seems like a reasonably complete game esp. considering the time limit, I’m pretty proud of this lil thing. It definitely needs a lot more polish and a lot more love, but I’d love to get people’s thoughts!

P.S: The dialogue is deliberately a shonky, just aiming for that “old unknown NES game” vibe, complete with mistranslations and weird grammar galore!

If there are any crucially breaking bugs, lemme know and I’ll try to get up a fix. The game runs fine to the end on GMS2 my side, so I’d like to ensure everyone can get a good go at it! Balance might be a bit buggered of course due to the nature of making a game in 72 hours. Hope you guys have fun :D.


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